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bichonTullyheron Northern Irish Bichons started when I fell in love with a beautiful little Bichon puppy called Lucky when visiting Tommy and Erin, in Londonderry friends who had just acquired him. My daughter was given a puppy dog, by Tommy for her fifth birthday a few months later, we called him Cheeko. The Children taught him to Jump over cushions dressed him up and put him in a pram etc, his patience was amazing. The Bichon as most people know are easily trained they have been used as circus dogs for many years indeed there are three in a circus at the moment travelling Ireland. He is still talked about with great love and affection by everyone who knew him because he was quite a character, sadly he died when he was 13 of a heart attack.

I decided I would like to attempt to breed these happy go lucky little dogs and acquired a bitch from Linda Robinson now Byrne Eithlynn Zandra (Bonnie), she was a litter sister to English Irish, Champion Eithlynn Zsa Zsa, I bred her to Pat Kerry’s Dog Spelga Timbit in 1990. and kept a bitch Tullyheron Fidelite Amour (Twink).

The children and I decided we would like to show her and so we started entering local open shows, she was great for learning with because of her lovely temperament I bred her and acquired Tullyheron Charis Amour (Penny) my first Irish Champion, she was quite a character small and compact, on taking her to Cruft’s when she was only out of Junior, she was third in her class. Penny died Sept 2007 age 15.

brushTwo years later I acquired another bitch, Tullyheron Kiss of Love, (Kissy), she started winning with a bang, at 13 months she won her first Green Star at the St Patrick’s Day show, her movement was fantastic, she just loved showing herself off. Kissy was the Irish Annual Champion two years in a row, and also won a Challenge Certificate at the Belfast Dog Show.

My Next champion finished at Tipperary when she won the toy group and reserve best in show is Tullyheron Lily Langtree, Kissy's daughter. My next showdog was Tullyheron Baby Love (Phoebe) who had only two green stars from being a champion, however when I moved home she did not settle and I had to pet home her with a friend her daughter Daisy was placed first in her class at crufts and her results can be seen on the results page.My Latest Champion is Georgie ,this girl is quite a character as is her mum Daisy who won her class at Crufts and is qualified for Crufts for Life, Georgie Is now an Irish Champion under some very good Judges, i.e Marion Spavin U.K. Mrs C Petersen Denmark, and John Muldoon and Paul Scanlon Ireland. I am showing these two at the minute Turmeel's Cotton Candy of Tullyheron and Tullyheron Georgie's Boy, who I believe has Kissy's movement he loves himself and he won the Reserve Green Star at the ICKShow 7TH November, 2015. at six months of age.