bichonsA Bichon puppy will almost certainly have been bathed before you take it home, and therefore will be quite used to water and a hairdryer, however puppies should be bathed at least once a fortnight, to freshen them up and also to get them used to being groomed.

Before bathing the pup should be combed to ensure that there are no mats or tats because when water comes in contact with matted hair it becomes like wet cotton wool and is almost impossible to remove when dried.

I would recommend any good puppy shampoo or a shampoo containing Coconut, as this replaces the oils taken out of the coat by the shampoo.

Always put some cotton wool in the ears, if water gets in the ear canals they can become infected, also be careful when washing the face, as soap in their eyes hurts them as it would your own. Before you bath the dog brush out any tats or mats as these will become tighter and impossible to remove after bathing. Talk to your puppy while you are bathing it, to comfort and reassure it.

Once bathed the pup should be towel dried gently before using a hairdryer to straighten the hair, never rub the coat gently squeeze the water into the towel.

Always leave the towel on the part of the dog not being dried this will help to keep it warm, you can move it as you dry.

Purchase a slicker brush with a medium bristle, and a 2" comb .

Starting with the head use the brush towards the nose paying particular attention to the ears as the hair is usually longer and thicker, never move to on until you are sure that the coat is dry where you are working. After the head is dry start on the body from the tail up, leaving the legs until last.